Ouroboros Pin by Alphachanneling.

Ouroboros Pin by Alphachanneling.

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The Ouroboros Pin is an enamel pin perfect for pinning to clothing, lapels, hats, bags or anywhere else you might want to call in your primal style.

Alphachanneling's work is most known for its simplicity of forms and its ecstatic depiction of holistic, erotic scenes. Primarily using watercolors and colored pencil, the artist portrays a light immediacy with fleeting, gestural figurations. The lyrical bodies in Alphachanneling's work are composed of gracefully applied, free-flowing marks and lines and draw reference to ancient tantric drawings. 

Comes with two clutches on back for secure hold. 

Grab one of these suckers! 

Dimensions: 3 cm height and width (1.2")