FUTURES PAST, Untitled (Space/Black), Acrylic Painting.

FUTURES PAST, Untitled (Space/Black), Acrylic Painting.

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FUTURES PAST is a cross-disciplinary studio from Greece, drifting between art, design and fashion. It is a collective project, taking the form of a conceptual brand that produces art print editions, unique artworks and a range of high-quality lifestyle products such as clothing and homeware. 

FUTURES PAST address notions of identity renegotiation, transcultural bonds, cultural appropriation and recuperation of a distant yet ever-present past, whilst exploring the give-and-take between the handcrafted and the digital within our post-industrial times.

Their unique works are comprised of fragile geometric compositions, using reinterpreted representational forms, painterly gestures or directly appropriated elements — drawing from a syntax of conceptual and formal references, such as: archaic hieroglyphic writing, natural patterns drawn from the Mediterranean landscape, architectural micro-textures and more. Mustering a visual vocabulary, not very much unlike a lingual one, ‘words’ and ‘phrases’ are put together — producing variant occasional meanings, albeit with a exculpated spirit of instinctive and spontaneous playfulness.

Year: 2019

Medium: Acrylic on paper

Dimensions: 118.9 × 84.1 cm / 46.8 × 33.1 in

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