Maja Djordjevic, I don't even know what I'm upset about #19.

Maja Djordjevic, I don't even know what I'm upset about #19.

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Back in 2017 Djordjevic made a series of 21 drawings of the face of Mickey Mouse in different emotional states that were loosely based in the use of emoticons in writing communication. 

Maja Djordjevic's visual universe revolves around girl power and the search for personal identity in a playful, self-sarcastic attitude. She creates multi-disciplinary works that look like computer doodles. In reality they are traditional oil and enamel artworks performing some pixelated illusions. Djordjevic paints rectilinear shapes by hand, sketched out in an early kind of MacPaint program, where squares of color are so large as to prevent too much detail. Her subject matter is usually a girl, most of the time that girl being herself, portrayed in various tragically and yet comical situations. The girl is often depicted naked exposing with a black vertical line a little scratch of her vagina and touching art history with feminine power and twists of the male and the female gaze. Her main color palette enhances the playfulness of her works with various pinks and blues coloring her protagonists no matter where they find themselves at. 

Year: 2017

Medium:  Acrylics on paper on White Wooden Frame.

Dimensions: 31 x 25 cm